How to Treat Cold Sores on Lips

A cold sore is caused by virus called Herpex Simplex Type 1. Once infected by this ailment, lesions will begin to appear on the lips. Type 1 Herpes simplex is a virus that is normally found in the body. This stays inactive until it is affected by some factors such as humid or warm weather condition, stress, poor diet, hormonal changes, and allergies. This can cause you discomforts that can make your life difficult such as difficulty in eating and swallowing. The symptoms of this cold syndrome include tingling sensation on the nose, lips, and even in the tongue. This is a spreadable disease that should be avoided by not having direct contact with the infected patient like kissing or sharing utensils. Take a look at the cold sore remedies below for some help on this disease.

To prevent it from worsening, you have to learn how to get rid of a cold sore. The best way to treat a cold sore is through consulting a physician and getting the right prescription for it. You can use an antiviral medication to cure this malady rapidly. Early detection of this cold disease will enable you to get the right cure for it immediately. If this is not instantly treated, your agony in having this illness will be prolonged for a week or two. Although there are medicines for it that you can easily obtain, it is still important that you take the one that is recommended by health specialists.

This painful sore can make your life miserable if you are not going to treat it properly. It is vital for you to know other cold sore on lips treatment such as lysine. This is an amino acid that helps in strengthening your immune system, thus making you resilient against this ailment. It also helps in decreasing the Herpes virus that causes you this uncomfortable infection.

Another great cold sore treatment is the tea from lemon balm. This herbal medicine is used by the ancient people in Europe. It is an antiviral medicine that effectively treats blisters caused by cold sore. This lemon scented herb can be converted into tea, which you can safely apply in the infected part of your body. This can cure the abrasion caused by cold virus in three days. However, this should not be taken if you are treating thyroid disease.

Buttermilk is another cold sore remedy that can cure cold sore. It helps in easing the pain and heals the cold fast. Another one is the Goldenseal which has been used as an antiviral medicine by the Native Americans many centuries ago. It is an antiseptic element that helps in disinfecting lesions caused by cold. It can also relieve your pain once the powder is applied in cold sores on lips or mouth. Other pain relievers that you can use for this illness are ice cubes, aloe vera cream, and petroleum jelly. There also herbs that you can use in strengthening your immune system and some of these are bayberry, wormwood, myrrh, nettle, poke root, licorice, cleavers, and many more.

Use these home remedies for cold sores on lips properly to find a method that works for you.