Remedies For Back Pain In The Early Stage Of Pregnancy

Back Pain during the early period of pregnancy is very common. The pain usually subsides at the end of the second trimester If the pain continues, a number of home remedies for back pain are readily available. Back Pain during pregnancy is primarily due to many changes that undergoes in the expectant mothers body. Back pain can be prevented with a little bit of effort.

1. Regular Exercise:

Regular exercise is the easiest and the safest remedy to control the bad back during early pregnancy. Pregnant women are not supposed to take pain killers and so the best natural and home remedy is to do gentle exercises to get relief from back pain Walking, pelvic stretching, short crunches and bending of the knees along with lifting the head while exhaling are some of the gentle exercises they can do.. Exercising is a superb remedy for back pain and it makes the muscles strong.

2. Maintaining A Good Posture:

Try to avoid erroneous postures as this will casue so much strain to your spinal cord. Always stand erect and avoid improper postures like slouched positions. Try to change positions as frequently as possible. Do not stand for an extended period of time.

3. A Proper Sleeping Position:

Always use sufficient pillows for support and mainten a parralel position of the thigs while lying down. While getting up from bed, turn towards the side and then slowly rise to the sitting position.

Then get up slowly. While sleeping always lie down on your side especially towards the left.

4. Lifting Objects Cautiously:

Avoid lifting or carrying of heavy objects Avoid carrying the baby on the hip as this will cause unnecessary stress to the back bone. Also, do not wear high heels. Always go for broad and flat heels that support a balanced spinal cord. Also, use a good maternity bra to support the shoulders and the rib cage.

5. A Gentle Massage:

A gentle massage gives a lot of comfort improving the blood circulation and thereby soothing and relaxing the nerves. This is a best remedy for back pain. But be careful not to do any massage if you have Sciatica as the massage may worsen the pain. Seek medical advise.

6. A Good Diet Plan:

Consult your doctor for a good diet plan so that your weight gain is proportionate to your size and frame Consult your doctor for the best natural home remedy for back pain.