Using Natural Herbal Remedies to Cut Your Medical Bills in Half

More and more people are coming to the conclusion that its not normal for people to be as sick as they are today. What with over the counter drugs, prescription drugs and specialty drugs that have more side effect than the original symptoms, we are getting sicker and sicker.  Now, that cant be good for us.

Did you know you have natural herbal remedies in your kitchen? And you use them everyday? That is, if you cook at home. Even if you dont others use natural herbal remedies in the food they serve you. Didnt know that, did you?

Instead of treating illness, how about preventing illness? There are advantages to staying healthy:

1. Once a year doctor appointments. No more going every month because you dont feel well. That alone will cut your medical bills in half.  You wont be paying as much in medical expenses or prescriptions drugsthe extra you save can go towards a new car or some other luxury item you want.

2. Your stress and anxiety will cease to exist. I am a laid back type of person. Some say they dont think its fair I dont suffer from stress and anxiety but I believe its my eating habits that allow me my stress free life. And you can have one too.

3. Youll feel better all the time. I always feel good, physicalmentally is another storybut physical I can run rings around my friends and neighbors and Im pushing a pretty big number these days.

4. Youll have an endless supply of energy and vitality. Rarely do I not have energy to do something. Unless, of course, its cleaning then I dont ever feel well.

Something has changed in our lives (humans) with the invention of the automobile. The age of manufacturing and machinery has changed the way we get our food and water supply. Most of its been for the good, no more drudgery, but the amount of chemicals used in our food supply is getting to the point where its harming people not helping.

Our bodies are not designed or geared to handle the amount of chemicals we put into it these days. Evolution has not changed our bodies (I understand it takes thousands of years, notice we still have an appendix and the only thing it does is let surgeons do their first surgery) and until we adjust to the chemicals that go through our bodies or they stop using them, were going to continue to not feel good just by the amount we ingest everyday.  And Im not talking about fast or junk foods either.

They, and by they, I mean manufactures of our food supply, use chemicals to keep bugs away from the crops and chemical fertilizers to make it grow.   Manufactures that process the food, use chemicals to preserve it for packaging. By the time the food supply gets to our table is nothing but chemicals with all the vitamins and minerals cooked, puree, smashed and chopped out of it. We could get more from the packaging than the food inside the package.

Let me explain-most of our foods have been passed down through the ages because its the best food for our bodies. For example, potatoes have been around forever.  There are accounts of them being used from the Roman days. Carrots, corn, peas, lettuce, tomatoes, pears, oranges, lemon, and limes, just to name a few foods, have also been around for us (humans) to eat and have kept us health without us ever knowing it. Mother Natures own natural herbal remedies at work.  Great, isnt it?

The fact that we put different herbs and spices in our foods has also been passed down to us from ye olden days. Theres a reason we use parsley, basil, oregano, curry, paprika, and a host of other herbs and spices.  Tasting good is ashall we saya side effect. All these herbs were originally used as a medicine. For example, parsley was used as a poultice for bruises, sprains and insect bites. It was rubbed on the body to repel mosquitoes. The juice was used to treat toothache and as a hair rinse or a facial steam for dry skin. It was made into a skin lotion and used as eyewash for tired eyes. Parsleys properties include antioxidants, antiseptic, antispasmodic, aperients, carminative, diuretic, nutritive, expectorant, laxative and a mild aphrodisiac. Thats a lot of healing power in one little tiny herb. And all we do with it these days is use it as a garnish!  These herbs and spices have been used by mankind sincewellthe beginnings of mankind. The apple that Eve atetheres a reason these foods are still around and were still eating them.

Remedies For Back Pain In The Early Stage Of Pregnancy

Back Pain during the early period of pregnancy is very common. The pain usually subsides at the end of the second trimester If the pain continues, a number of home remedies for back pain are readily available. Back Pain during pregnancy is primarily due to many changes that undergoes in the expectant mothers body. Back pain can be prevented with a little bit of effort.

1. Regular Exercise:

Regular exercise is the easiest and the safest remedy to control the bad back during early pregnancy. Pregnant women are not supposed to take pain killers and so the best natural and home remedy is to do gentle exercises to get relief from back pain Walking, pelvic stretching, short crunches and bending of the knees along with lifting the head while exhaling are some of the gentle exercises they can do.. Exercising is a superb remedy for back pain and it makes the muscles strong.

2. Maintaining A Good Posture:

Try to avoid erroneous postures as this will casue so much strain to your spinal cord. Always stand erect and avoid improper postures like slouched positions. Try to change positions as frequently as possible. Do not stand for an extended period of time.

3. A Proper Sleeping Position:

Always use sufficient pillows for support and mainten a parralel position of the thigs while lying down. While getting up from bed, turn towards the side and then slowly rise to the sitting position.

Then get up slowly. While sleeping always lie down on your side especially towards the left.

4. Lifting Objects Cautiously:

Avoid lifting or carrying of heavy objects Avoid carrying the baby on the hip as this will cause unnecessary stress to the back bone. Also, do not wear high heels. Always go for broad and flat heels that support a balanced spinal cord. Also, use a good maternity bra to support the shoulders and the rib cage.

5. A Gentle Massage:

A gentle massage gives a lot of comfort improving the blood circulation and thereby soothing and relaxing the nerves. This is a best remedy for back pain. But be careful not to do any massage if you have Sciatica as the massage may worsen the pain. Seek medical advise.

6. A Good Diet Plan:

Consult your doctor for a good diet plan so that your weight gain is proportionate to your size and frame Consult your doctor for the best natural home remedy for back pain.

Natural Remedies for Baby Cough

Doctors say that coughing is the body’s way of protecting itself. It serves the purpose of clearing the airways and relieving the throat from phlegm, as well as protecting it from lodged pieces of food. Baby cough can be indicative of many things and serve as a warning sign that something is wrong. Of course, more often than not it just indicates a common cold, but you wouldn’t want to mess with your baby’s health, would you? So, how to recognize and distinguish the serious cough from the not-so-serious cough? When to rush into the emergency room and when to stay put and use natural remedies for baby cough?

There are two types of coughs and both of them hold a clue that is indicative of the overall health condition of the baby. The dry baby cough occurs when the baby is suffering from a cold or allergies. The coughing cleans the postnasal drip or eases the irritation caused by sore throat. The wet cough is indicative of respiratory illness that is accompanied by some sort of bacterial infection. The infection causes formation of phlegm in the baby’s airwaves. Coughing usually does not signal existence of some serious medical problem in children that are older than 6 months or so. However, if the child that coughs is younger than 4 months, there may be some serious health issue that requires immediate medical attention, as it is not common for children of that age to cough. So, what to do if your child suddenly starts coughing? Are there some natural remedies for baby cough?

If your baby is coughing, don’t press your “panic button” just yet and rush into the doctor’s office. In many cases, your mother’s “plenty of fluids and rest” routine is the best cure for this calamity. The baby’s organism is fragile and that is why it is strongly recommended that you avoid administering any kind of medication or drugs that can potentially damage its health. Moreover, these types of medicines only work with children above the age of 6, so there is really no point to take that step. That being said, it is best that you try the more traditional approach and use natural remedies for baby cough – they will do the trick without endangering the health of your little one.

Natural Remedies for Baby Cough

If your baby is suffering from a “coughing spree”, you may try some of the following natural remedies for baby cough. If the baby is over one year old, try giving him honey, saline drops and use cool-mist humidifier. Try rubbing eucalyptus on your baby’s chest and back. Warm lemon water is also a known cough remedy that helps soothe the throat. An essential oil steam bath can also alleviate the coughing issue. These and many other homemade remedies can more than adequately make up for the use of potentially harmful chemical compounds used in various medications; just ask mom!

How to Treat Cold Sores on Lips

A cold sore is caused by virus called Herpex Simplex Type 1. Once infected by this ailment, lesions will begin to appear on the lips. Type 1 Herpes simplex is a virus that is normally found in the body. This stays inactive until it is affected by some factors such as humid or warm weather condition, stress, poor diet, hormonal changes, and allergies. This can cause you discomforts that can make your life difficult such as difficulty in eating and swallowing. The symptoms of this cold syndrome include tingling sensation on the nose, lips, and even in the tongue. This is a spreadable disease that should be avoided by not having direct contact with the infected patient like kissing or sharing utensils. Take a look at the cold sore remedies below for some help on this disease.

To prevent it from worsening, you have to learn how to get rid of a cold sore. The best way to treat a cold sore is through consulting a physician and getting the right prescription for it. You can use an antiviral medication to cure this malady rapidly. Early detection of this cold disease will enable you to get the right cure for it immediately. If this is not instantly treated, your agony in having this illness will be prolonged for a week or two. Although there are medicines for it that you can easily obtain, it is still important that you take the one that is recommended by health specialists.

This painful sore can make your life miserable if you are not going to treat it properly. It is vital for you to know other cold sore on lips treatment such as lysine. This is an amino acid that helps in strengthening your immune system, thus making you resilient against this ailment. It also helps in decreasing the Herpes virus that causes you this uncomfortable infection.

Another great cold sore treatment is the tea from lemon balm. This herbal medicine is used by the ancient people in Europe. It is an antiviral medicine that effectively treats blisters caused by cold sore. This lemon scented herb can be converted into tea, which you can safely apply in the infected part of your body. This can cure the abrasion caused by cold virus in three days. However, this should not be taken if you are treating thyroid disease.

Buttermilk is another cold sore remedy that can cure cold sore. It helps in easing the pain and heals the cold fast. Another one is the Goldenseal which has been used as an antiviral medicine by the Native Americans many centuries ago. It is an antiseptic element that helps in disinfecting lesions caused by cold. It can also relieve your pain once the powder is applied in cold sores on lips or mouth. Other pain relievers that you can use for this illness are ice cubes, aloe vera cream, and petroleum jelly. There also herbs that you can use in strengthening your immune system and some of these are bayberry, wormwood, myrrh, nettle, poke root, licorice, cleavers, and many more.

Use these home remedies for cold sores on lips properly to find a method that works for you.

Basic Steps to Live a Healthy Life

Over the past few years, people have become so much involved in their day to day lives, that they no longer have the time to take care of themselves. Being busy in personal or official activities all the time has made our bodies weary and lethargic, which makes us feel tired and lazy all the time. In order to live a Healthy Life and be healthier and in turn, happier life, one must learn to take care of himself/herself. This can be achieved by engaging in simple, yet effective things.

Drink More Water

In order to begin revitalizing your body, you must start from the basics; adapt a healthy living food diet, starting from the utmost essential, increasing the dosage of water. Our bodies need a lot of water per day in order to run at full power. However, most of us are never fully hydrated, which does not allow us to run at our full potential. Our body is over 70% water, and not consuming enough water makes us lazy and weak.

The solution, however, is really quite simple: one should drink about 10-12 glasses of water each day, and will see a considerable amount of increase in their energy levels. The more you drink, the better your body will function!

Reconsider your diet for a healthy life

As previously stated, for one to establish a healthy living, one must eating healthy. Here is a good healthy living tip, never let the food heat over 116 F, as it eliminates the nutrition in the food. The nutritionists recommend about 5 servings of vegetables every day, and most of us are not meeting that requirement. As many of us are not fond of consuming vegetables, either in raw or cooked form, having to consume 5 servings each day can seem cumbersome. Having a fruit juicer will give a great healthy living benefit in this situation, as you can juice all your vegetables and drink them conveniently, without having to spend hours on the stove.

Another great healthy living product is wheatgrass. It is an excellent food source with a high nutritional value, as it has over 100 elements essential to the body and is high in chlorophyll, which helps in production of blood. Eating fresh grains every day also greatly increases one’s energy levels.


For many of us, this is probably the worst thing one would want to hear. However, exercise does not only keep the body fit, but also keeps one fresh and healthy. One can choose from a various selection of exercising activities, such as water aerobics, yoga, dancing and even step classes. If one is too lazy to even try going to the gym, or cannot afford it otherwise, then he/she may even do some stretches at home, or even buy a small workout equipment such as an exercise bike, or a treadmill.

At first it may seem tedious, but once you start working out regularly, the results will definitely show, leaving you reinvigorated and revitalized. If one may be suffering from some injury which may not allow him/her to exercise, then it is best to consult the doctor or physician, who would then provide you with a full plan for your workout. The best way to start workouts is going at a ridiculously small pace. For example, for a week or so, one may just walk about 5 minutes per day, and then gradually increase the length of the workouts. This allows the body to gently increase the energy levels, thereby increasing stamina.

In order to live a healthy life, one must take a break from the business of everyday activities, and give some time to himself/herself. The key to having good health is lifestyle fitness, and the above mentioned points would surely help in raising one’s energy levels, allowing you to not only become reinvigorated, but also to work harder, and longer.